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Totem Animal Report

Ever wonder why a specific animal keeps showing itself to you?  Why over and over again you see a hawk flying overhead no matter where you are?  Or perhaps animals continue to come to you in dreams? 

Every person on this Earth Walk has totem animals.  These animals emulate the personís abilities, talents and challenges.  If youíve ever wondered who these animals are and of what significance they are to you, Ing can help you gain a greater understanding. 

Whether in person, or remotely, using her gifts of intuition and her empathic abilities, Ing can intuit your totem animals and of what significance each one of them is to you on your Earth Walk.  She will put her findings in a custom designed report for you, so that you have something concrete to refer to as new challenges and new directions unfold.  Each report is unique to that person alone. View testimonials


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