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Fresh Scents

Enter a world of pure essential oils, fragrances that will light up your house and scents to lull you to sleep.  All 100% natural ingredients.

Pillow Spray

Let natural essential oils lull you to sleep.  100% all natural, just shake and spray across your pillow before slumber and enjoy a restful nights sleep!

Lavender and Rose Pillow Spray
Our senses react strongly to scents that soothe and relax. Made with 100% spring water and pure lavender and rose essential oils, shake well and spray across your pillow 10 minutes before you climb into bed and drink in the soothing scent as it helps you drift off to sleep. View testimonials

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Air Fresheners

Fill your house with the wonderful fragrance of 100% pure essential oils, no additives, no chemicals.  100% all natural.  Delight your senses.

Black Spruce Blend wake up your house with the crisp scent of the outdoors. Not only will it wake up the energy of your house, but it will also help keep the bacterial level down.

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Citrus Blend for those who enjoy the fragrance of a grove of citrus trees, this is for you.  Energetic, fresh, clean and crisp.  Perfect to help eliminate unwanted odours.

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Spring Meadow walk through a fragrant meadow in spring as flowers appear and Mother Earth is renewed.  Use it not just to help eliminate odours, but whenever you want that escape. View testimonials

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