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Legend states that dreams are messages from sacred spirits.  The Dreamcatcher represents the web of life and itís job is to sift the dreams of those sleeping nearby.  Bad dreams are caught on the web and disappear with the morning sun.  Good dreams pass through the center and are fulfilled in the sleeperís destiny.í  Assorted sizes and many different colours, handcrafted with suede and artificial sinew for durability.  You can be as whimsical as you want with what you choose, or go for something more authentic. 

The Legend of the Dreamcatcher

Custom designed Dreamcatchers are available.  Is there an animal that youíre fond of or drawn to?  A symbol or talisman that holds some special meaning for you?  Ing can look at incorporating that into your Dreamcatcher.  Contact Ing for details and information on pricing.

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