"Whisper of Wind’s lavender soap is the only soap I use. I have tried - and rejected - many commercial products over the years, finding they dry my skin, make me itch, or in the worst cases causes me to break out into a rash. But Ing’s formula is soothing as well as cleansing, and it leaves a gentle hint [just a whisper!] of lavender scent that relaxes and soothes. Delightful!"

"I also enjoy the special skin cream Ing has custom-made for the extremely dry but sensitive skin of my hands and feet. Her understanding of my body’s needs and sensitivities, and her use of quality, all-natural ingredients have made this the first thing I reach for in my toiletries."

"My husband uses Ing’s
sandalwood soap. He’s a ‘less is more’ kind of guy, who, like many men, is generally not given to paying any attention to the skin products he uses! He just showers to get clean and has no interest in fussing with scented products. But when I introduced the Whisper of Wind sandalwood into our shower he actually noticed and commented, and now it’s the only soap he reaches for. Nice! "
                                                                                                   - Susan

Ing, came to my house to do a cleansing after a difficult period in my life. Her calm demeanor and expertise made me feel safe and secure even after she left. Ing gave me some special tips to do every once in a while to affirm the cleansing. She gave me the choice to follow her and join in the cleansing with her or just sit and contemplate while she performed her ritual. My house now feels lighter and brighter and I feel safe coming home into a positive atmosphere where Love and Light abound. No, sorry, she does not dust, vacuum or do windows.

                                                                                                     - Lorraine

"After hearing Ing on a radio talk show I was guided to contact her for an
animal totem reading. Right away she responded with an accurate sense of guidance. She prepared my report and openly shared knowledge and insight with me, some of it being new yet refreshingly revealing. The report has helped me see more of who I am and how I can refine and direct my purpose. With the knowledge of my totem animal's gifts and qualities, I feel I have a direct connection to spirit working with me. A treasure chest of valuable medicine to call on. I feel I have a new awareness, a newly discovered foundation of understanding. I am truly thankful and blessed with the light and love Ing has shared with me.
                                                                                                     - LeeAnn - Reiki Master

"Care and quality are evident in all of the Whisper of Wind products, and I love the commitment to all natural ingredients. The skin cream has fast become a staple on my toiletry table; I now use no other body creams.  I have very sensitive skin and have tried many creams over the years. This skin cream is not just effective, but with its’ very light fragrance is just plain enjoyable to use."
                                                                                                     - Lembi

"I have very sensitive skin and often react to products; creams, lotions, sprays and the like.  With all Whisper of Wind products I can be certain I will be getting a natural product that will not result in hives or rashes.  It's a good feeling to know that the products I'm putting on my skin are made of natural ingredients.  One of my favourite products is the pillow spray - it smells wonderful, puts a light and fresh scent into the air. It's a comfort to know that I'm not putting artificial scents or ingredients onto my body or the bodies of my loved ones."

                                                                                                     - Paige

"I started getting migraines in my early twenties. At first they were so awful that I thought for sure I had a tumor in my brain. When I finally got diagnosed with migraines, I tried everything from Advil to Acupuncture with obviously no results. Willing to try anything, I was told about Reiki through a friend who introduced me to Ing. I immediately saw results after my first session. I was so relaxed and calm afterwards that I ended up falling asleep watching TV, something I have NEVER been able to do before. Ing explained to me the root cause of my debilitating migraines and I was able to fix the problem with time. I am very thankful to have met her and am so grateful to Reiki." 

                                                                                                     - Sara

"Soap has always been a challenge for me because my skin regularly breaks out due to my psoriasis.  I find most commercial soaps cause itchiness and are annoying, you can feel the chemicals at work.  Whisper of Wind's Sandalwood and Chamomile soap is gentle to my skin and lightly scented with a masculine fragrance.  Most importantly, I have no itch and my skin feels great!"
                                                                                                      - Bob

"My boyfriend and I often find ourselves unable to sleep after stressful days.  He is extremely sensitive to strong aromas and many products that contain aromatherapy oils.  Ing's Whisper Of Wind Pillow Spray is subtle and refreshing.  Without a word, I spray it on our pillows before bed and he will sleep throughout the night and wake up to tell me how well he slept.  I love to fall asleep with the calming scents around my head and often use Ing's Bath Crystals of the same scent as a treat for myself."

                                                                                                       - Erin


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