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Our skin is the largest organ of our body.  It breathes in the toxins we do through our pores, it is exposed to the environment, whether on cold days or hot ones.  It dries out in the heat of our homes during the winter and we spend thousands of dollars in products in an effort to make it smoother and alluring, without giving the ingredients a second glance.

Whisper of Wind invites you to experience what real cream is all about.  Soft, gentle to the skin, lightly scented, all natural ingredients that are a delight to put on your skin.  Made with 100% pure essential oils, your skin will feel smoother, softer and rehydrated.

Lavender Cream 

Perfect when stepping out of the bath after a long day at work.  Lavender heals on many levels.  The gentle scent of lavender essential oil blended with bergamot, and immortelle essential oils rehydrates moderately dry skin.  The addition of Jojoba and avocado oil works deeply with the oils to help skin feel soft again. View testimonials


Rose Cream  

Formulated for more mature skin, blended with rose, bergamot and neroli essential oils, this cream helps to rehydrate overly dry skin.  The addition of rose hydrosol and rose hip seed oil, helps mature skin cells restructure and feel smoother. View testimonials


Custom blends:  Contact Ing if there is a skin ailment that requires special care and she will formulate a custom blend just for you. 

Cold Sore Cream  $6.50

Tired of using prescription chemicals on your lips? Try a remedy that is all natural, gentle and smells heavenly too.


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