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When Native Americans speak of Medicine, it is important to understand their definition. Medicine, as the modern world understands it, is going to the doctor and getting a prescription to cure the illness. Native Americans speak of medicine as an all encompassing way of life. It is a healing of body, mind and of spirit. This type of Medicine can also include anything that brings one personal power, strength and understanding. It is a way of life that brings healing to Mother Earth and all of her creatures; it is walking on Mother Earth in perfect harmony with the Universe.

The animals that walk on Mother Earth, exhibit habits that will relay messages of healing to those that understand their gift and observe nature around them. It is with great reverence and humility that one approaches animals to seek their wisdom. If you are calling on the power of an animal, you are asking to be drawn into complete harmony with its’ strength and essence. This creature is then here to teach you. Learn from it and thank it for its’ wisdom.

In certain circles it has become very ‘vogue’ to talk of power animals in an effort to show those around them how learned they are, how ‘up’ they are with the latest trends. Totem or power animals have always been here. The true shamans who have walked the Medicine Way often have the blessing of one animal that aligns themselves to the shaman to aid in healings. This brings great power to the healer and is approached with great reverence. Animals have always walked this earth with us – those who have known and learned the ways, treat the creatures of the Animal Kingdom as teachers. If you are sensitive to energy around you, you might have such a connection to a certain animal or to several animals. Perhaps, you’ve never heard of this reference to totem animals; you simply feel connected to certain animals.

If an animal keeps reoccurring in your dreams, or you see it in places it wouldn’t normally be, it could very well be your totem animal, or sent to bring you a message. I have often been asked from people how to determine which animal is their totem animal. Let me give you a few examples of totem animals choosing the person.

Long before I began this path or recognized the term totem animal, I dreamed consistently of eagles and wild mustangs. I loved the freedom I felt during these dreams of seeing a wild mustang running free and an eagle flying alongside it. My house was filled with eagles, posters, imprinted on pillow cases; small ceramics. Horses ran across my sweaters, my sketch books and books were purchased showcasing beautiful wild mustangs. It wasn’t enough if I saw horses being ridden – I felt a kinship with wild mustangs. I felt the power and majesty of the eagle. I have always felt a connection to these animals long before I knew to call them totem animals.

When speaking to clients about their totem animals, many are disappointed if they learn that their totem might be a mouse, or a rabbit, instead of something more majestic or ferocious such as the Tiger or Hawk. Each totem has their own strengths. The Mouse, for example, give us the lesson scrutiny; they love order and organization and have a passion for delving deeper and learning more.

I had a client who wanted to know about totems and which animal was her totem. I asked her about her life and through conversations found that she had been seeing raccoons everywhere. She was initially disappointed to learn that her totem was such an insignificant creature. Then she learned that the Raccoon held the medicine of being a protector of those that cannot fight or fend for themselves. Her profession? A caregiver for disabled adults. How very appropriate that the Raccoon should be her totem.

If there is a kinship you feel to a certain animal, do not discount it’s power. Learn all you can from and about this animal. Are you dreaming of this creature? Does it come to you in nature?

If you truly don’t feel you have a kinship to any animals, then there is another way to find your totem. Find a quiet spot to sit and close your eyes. Breathe deeply, n and out, with each breath becoming more relaxed. Concentrate on your third eye (that spot directly above your nose); when you feel you are relaxed enough, ask in your mind for your totem animal to come to you. Accept whatever animal comes to you. We all have totem animals; some are just more obvious than others.

My totem animals walk with me always. I ask for their help during Reiki sessions and as that they lend their medicine to help bring clarity to the healing.

We all have two major totem animals; those that walk with us on our right hand and left hand side, but there are seven other totem animals that are in our lives to teach us lessons as walk our path.

Right Hand Side - This animal protects your male side; it is your Father protector within that carries your courage and warrior spirit.

Left Hand Side – This animal protects your female side and teaches you to receive abundance and to nurture yourself and others. It is a teacher of relationships and mothering.

East – Guides you to your greatest spiritual challenges and guards your path to illumination.

West – Leads you to your personal truths and inner answers.

South – Protects your inner circle and balances your innocence within your personality.

North – Gives wise counsel and reminds you when to speak and when to listen

Above – Is the guardian of your dreams; our access to other dimensions

Below - Teaches you how to stay grounded and on your path.

Within – Guides you on how to be faithful to your personal truths and protects your sacred space deep inside; the one that is never shared except by invitation.

If you want more information about totem animals and their medicine, or are interested in my doing an animal reading, please contact Ing. Or I can send you one online see my shop page.

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