What are Chakras?

Seers of ancient India perceived vortices within the energy of the human body.  According to the Vedic seers, whenever two or more channels of subtle energy meet, there is a vortex which they named “chakra” meaning “wheel”.  The seers of India saw seven main chakras that blended health and the spiritual state.

The chakras as they’re spoken of today have been simplified somewhat so that the average person can understand basic chakra functions and how to clear negative energies from the chakras.  In a world that doesn’t stop, there is a greater need to find balance, to find peace and answers to questions that elude us.  Could it be as simple as tapping into the energies of the chakras?

One slow step at a time we are beginning to understand that our bodies are connected to our minds and to our spirits.  All facets of our being are interconnected.  Slowly we are learning that illness is not just a ‘germ’ thing and that all parts of us need to be balanced in order to feel good.

Reiki works on the energies of the chakras.  Negative energies or blocked chakras, can be balanced with Reiki.  When students are attuned to First Degree Reiki, their Crown, Third Eye, Throat and Heart chakras are aligned and the Crown chakra is permanently attuned to receive Universal energy for healing. 

First Degree Reiki is a hands on treatment for yourself and others.  Many First Level students use Reiki on themselves at first more than others.  Reiki brings balance and as we become more balanced, our bodies can begin to heal themselves. 

It is also possible, however, without attunements to Reiki energy, to affect changes within your body and the chakra system. 

Below, I have listed the seven major chakras in the body, where in the body they are located, their element, what sensory channel they affect and the colours associated with them.


Body Area


Sensory Channel


Root Chakra

Base of spine




Sacral Chakra

Below navel




Solar Plexus

Central abdomen




Heart Chakra

Centre of chest




Throat Chakra

Top of sternum




Brow Chakra

Centre of forehead




Crown Chakra

Top of head




Here are a few simple rituals you can try when stress is overwhelming, your body feels slightly ‘off’ and you need a bit of peace.

1.  The Root Chakra is connected to Mother Earth.  When negative emotions are overwhelming, go out in nature, and stretch yourself out on the ground.  I find it beneficial for me to lay face to the sky.  Make whatever noises you need to in order to release negativity.  Cry, scream; whatever you need to do, just let it go.  Rest for a moment and close your eyes.  Feel the lack of tension as your body rests against Mother Earth.  Feel your spine sink into the ground as Mother Earths’ energies begin to flow into you.  Feel the strength, the connection we all have to nature.  Let the energy fill you, rejuvenate you and bring you peace.

2.  Visualization of Colours – There are many different ways to relax.  Here is one way I’ve found to center, balance and ground myself. 

I keep an altar in my healing room with candles in the four directions and one in the centre.  On the altar are things that are important to me in the way of crystals, gemstones, representations of all the elements and more.  For me, just the ritual of calling in the energies of the four directions begins to relax my body.  You do not need to have an altar.  A quiet corner of the house with one lit candle is enough.  I enjoy soft meditative music playing in the background.  For me, personally, I call in the energies for all the directions, and light the candles.  I then use my smudge to cleanse my energy before I begin to meditate.  The following meditation keeps my focus and relaxes me at the same time. 

“Begin at the Root Chakra (see list) and visualize the colour red extending right into Mother Earth.  Begin to feel a pull from your Root Chakra a sense that you are connected to Mother Earth; you might even feel as if you are like a tree with strong tap roots going deep into Mother Earth.  Feel yourself being filled with the colour red and stay with that colour for a moment before slowly beginning to shift your focus to your Sacral Chakra.  Visualize the colour orange now as images of waterfalls and babbling brooks filter in to fill you.  Listen to the sound of these brooks and waterfalls as the colour orange is infused into you.  The colour red should still be swirling at your Root Chakra as now the colour orange is swirling in your Sacral Chakra.  Bring your focus to the Solar Plexus Chakra and let the colour yellow flow through you.  Feel the warmth of soft candle flames gently swirl inside of you.  Calm the colour so that it is left swirling in your Solar Plexus and move to the Heart Chakra.  It is here that most often feelings will begin to flow.  Let them come, whatever they may be. Visualize gentle breezes lifting your hair as you infuse the colour green into the center of your chest.  Let the colour settle and swirl within the chakra and bring your focus up to your Throat Chakra.  You might begin to make some gentle humming noises as you visualize the colour blue filtering in.  Let the colour settle within your chakra and move to your Brow Chakra.  Let the colour Indigo flow in, sit with that colour for a moment as your thoughts begin to clear and the mind becomes sharply focused.  Settle the colour within the center of your forehead and move your focus to your Crown Chakra.  Visualize the top of your head opening allowing violet light to come cascading in, let this light travel all the way down to your Root Chakra and back again, feeling the energy and the balance as you begin to settle that colour into the top of your head.  Sit with all the colours for moment or two, feel yourself uplifted, stronger and filled with energy.  Stress falls away as each chakra is renewed with its colour.  Keep your breathing mindful and deep.  Slowly bring your awareness back to where you are and gently open your eyes.  “

Remember to pay attention to your body and the chakra system on a daily basis and you will begin to notice when things seem out of sorts.  Often deep breathing and an inflection of the appropriate colour into the affected area is all that is needed when the stresses of the day are too much.  Also note that Reiki energy and chakra meditations are never intended to replace medical care, but rather should augment it.  Both should work hand in hand. 

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