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Ing will carefully design each Dreamcatcher to the select sizes and colours that you request. Take your time and create something that you would like and order now. Follow these steps and fill out the form below.

STEP 1. Select a Size:

The sizes offered are 3", 5", 6" and 9"

STEP 2. Select a Colour:

Meaning of Colours

Turquoise – blue hues represent the Throat chakra, enabling us to speak our truth, even in dream time.

Red – is the colour of the Root chakra, the base chakra; that which keeps us rooted and grounded to Mother Earth.

White – encompasses all the chakra colours, representing clarity, purity, innocence and deep spirituality.

Black – as dark as the midnight sky in the deepest of sleeps.  It is at this hour that the soul stars are the clearest.

Tan/Brown – representing Mother Earth, protector of all nature, keeper of nature’s vibrational energy.

STEP 3. Select a Talisman:

Meaning of each Talisman

Silver Feather – Eagle medicine is powerful medicine; a connection to the Divine.  Eagle feathers are the most sacred of healing tools used by Shamans to cleanse and purify

Silver Stars – legend states that souls of those that have crossed over go up to the heavens to become the stars

Silver Moons – moon energy is powerful, embracing psychic and intuitive energy.  Grandmother Moon looks down upon us to hold and protect us

Charms are silver in colour only.

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Select a Talisman

International Orders please fill out this form (outside Canada and U.S.) 

Ing will then email you an invoice.

If you wish to change something or cancel your order please contact Ing within 24 hours from the submission of your form.


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